Knaresborough King James's Tennis Club Latest News

Court Access :

  • All of our Club activities for both adults and juniors take place at King James's School.
  • The Club has use of all eight courts at all times outside school hours. The Club also has exclusive use of the clubhouse.
  • The courts and clubhouse are not open to non-members at any time unless taking part in Club activities.

  • See the Court Planner for availability of courts for social play.
  • Please note that the School has priority of use of the courts during the school day.
  • The top courts and clubhouse will be kept locked when not in use. A key is available to members over 16 years of age on payment of a £5 deposit to the Treasurer.

    Court Planner Summer:

    TC = Top courts BC = Bottom courts

  • Monday TC 4.30-7.30 Junior coaching, 7.30-9.00 Adult coaching.
  • Monday BC 5.30-7.30 Junior Club play, 7.30-9.30 Available for self-organised play.
  • Tuesday TC 3.30-6.00 Boys practice, 6.30-9.30 Adult club play.
  • Tuesday BC 6.00-9.30 Available for self-organised play.
  • Wednesday TC 3.30-6.00 Girls practice, 6.30-9.30 Adult club play or team practice (April).
  • Wednesday BC 6.00-9.30 Available for self-organised play.
  • Thursday TC 6.00-9.30 Mixed doubles match.
  • Thursday BC 6.30-7.30 Junior coaching, 7.30-9.00 Adult coaching.
  • Friday TC 3.30-9.30 Available for self-organised play.
  • Friday BC 3.30-9.30 Available for self-organised play (priority to juniors & family play).

  • Saturday TC 10.00-1.00 Ladies doubles match.
  • Saturday TC 2.00-4.00 Adult club play.
  • Saturday TC 4.00-9.30 Available for self-organised play.
  • Saturday BC 9.00-9.30 Available for self-organised play. (Occasional junior tournament).
  • Sunday TC 10.00-1.00 Mens doubles match.
  • Sunday TC 1.00-9.30 Available for self-organised play.
  • Sunday BC 10.00-2.00 Junior coaching.
  • Sunday BC 2.00-9.30 Available for self-organised play. (Occasional junior tournament).

    Court Planner Winter:

    Top courts:

  • Monday 4.30-9.00 Coaching
  • Tuesday 6.30-9.00 Adult club play
  • Wednesday Courts 1&2 6.30-9.00 Adult club play
  • Wednesday Court 3 6.00-9.00 Available for self-organised play
  • Thursday 6.30-9.00 Coaching
  • Friday 6.00-9.00 Available for self-organised play
  • Saturday 9.00-10.30 Girls team practice
  • Saturday 10.00-12.30 Occasional ladies match
  • Saturday 2.00-4.00 Adult club play
  • Saturday 4.00-9.00 Available for self-organised play
  • Sunday 10.00-2.00 Coaching
  • Sunday 2.00-6.00 Occasional tournament
  • Sunday 6.00-9.00 No play allowed under floodlights!

    Bottom courts: Used for netball.


  • Instructions on operation of the floodlights will be issued on joining the Club.
  • Please note that the conditions of our planning permission do not allow use of the floodlights after 9.00pm, or on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

    Club Play:

  • Club play will continue on Saturdays from 2.00pm, and on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 6.30pm.

    Tennis Clubmark: September 2010

  • The Club was honoured on 27 September 2010 by a visit from the LTA President, Derek Howorth, who presented the Club with the Tennis Clubmark award - official recognition of the Club’s policies, procedures and tennis programmes.

  • The main objective is to provide a seamless route from primary school through secondary school to adult tennis, with the appropriate coaching and match play along the way, all under the umbrella of a single club.

    British Tennis Membership LTA News:

    British Tennis Membership is an individual membership scheme for adults and juniors who play or have an interest in British tennis. Members receive individual benefits, including a LTA player rating, and become part of the British tennis family.

  • If you are NOT a member of a club affiliated to the LTA, BTM is chargeable (adults £25, juniors £10, including ballot entry for Wimbledon tickets).
  • If you are a member of a club affiliated to the LTA (as is Knaresborough King James's Tennis Club), then British Tennis Membership is FREE.
  • To join yourself, visit the LTA website and quote Knaresborough King James's Tennis Club on your application.

  • Alternatively, the Club will enrol you to British Tennis membership when you apply to join KKJTC as long as you give your address, telephone number, email address and date of birth on the Club application form.

    Wimbledon tickets:

  • If you want to enter the Club ballot for Wimbledon tickets, you MUST be a British Tennis member!
  • Enter the Club ballot on your membership application form.